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Alfs Sophie Shakti comes from a humble background and through her life, she has gained an incredible wisdom about life.

She has always had the entrepreneurial mindset embedded in her as life itself is an entrepreneurial endeavor. At the age of 31, she became a single mother of 3 children. Today, all her children are entrepreneurs and have their own company.

Her wisdom in life is still mostly related to spirituality and self-empowerment. She has always had a different view of life and our society. She is very intuitive and she has always followed her own path. It has involved making radical changes in her life that most others have not been willing to do.

She has lived in 5 countries as she is a world citizen and loves exploring the world and discovering new parts of life. She is brave enough to withstand all the obstacles that come in life and she always keeps on moving further, learning more and growing beyond the comfort zone.



Here you can find and read her articles on life, spirituality, and self empowerment

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